Breaking News
The polls closed and suddenly I hear from the newsroom, "Obama won! Obama is the next President!"
By Stacey Persoff | November 11, 2008
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Obama wins Virginia…no wait…the ELECTION!
Delivering breaking news as it's broken to me. And the camera is still rolling!
By Katie Kim | November 7, 2008
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Annenberg on Election Night
Snapshots of the Annenberg TV Newsroom and the viewing party in the Annenberg lobby.
By Asim Bharwani | November 6, 2008
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AME Church
Snapshots of a celebration in South Los Angeles
By Brittany Knotts | November 4, 2008
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Your Take

Population Station
And the most popular state goes to...

And the Grammy Goes to…
Could an Oscar be next?

Tick Tock
Wouldn't want to be late...

Obama Party Set-up